About Me

I am Becky and I have been paddle boarding in Devon and Cornwall for about 9 years. I grew up surfing & sailing with the family in Devon so I’ve always been a water baby, I absolutely adore the ocean, I could never live away from it. When I tried paddle boarding for the first time, I instantly loved it and loved it for the following reasons:

You can get to so many places on a paddle board which can’t be done on boat or foot! It’s such fun exploring coves, caves and new places.

Mental Health
It’s been proved that the ocean is good for your mental health. If I have had a busy day at work, my paddleboard chills me, it’s like my yoga! I’ll head out on the ocean, just me and my sup and I instantly feel on top of the world.

Abs of steel! Paddleboarding is a full body workout, it’s great for your fitness and toning those abs!

When I am not on my board…
If the weather is a bit naff and I can’t get on my board, I’ll be cycling! I did a charity bike ride around Zanzibar a few years ago and found a new love for road biking.

I work in online advertising for a fantastic agency, I absolutely adore my job and clients. I specialise in Facebook & YouTube Advertising but also work on overall digital strategy, I have been working in marketing for 11 years now, I love it!

So that’s a short little bit about me, I hope you find my blogs about where to go useful and inspire you to pick up your paddle board and head on an adventure!