I have a gorilla bucket in the back of my car with my SUP ‘stuff’ in. It has my most needed SUP bits in one place – super handy! If I am going on a sporadic paddle, need to catch the tide or be ready quickly, I can grab it and go!

So here’s a list of the ‘stuff’ that’s in my sup bucket you might want to consider getting yourself with links to each item!

  1. Wetsuit Sometimes I will wear a wetsuit instead of my Cag and Dry trousers, so this stays in my bucket!
  2. Wetsuit boots – Essential for SUP in winter, you don’t want to forget these!
  3. Waterproof gloves – Having warm hands makes all the difference!
  4. Waist Belt PFD I mainly use this in summer on the sea but there are still times I use this rather than my other Buoyancy Aid so it stays in my bucket
  5. Buoyancy Aid Never go out without a buoyancy aid on, it can save your life!
  6. Waterproof Phone Case – Wonder why you need a waterproof phone case? Listen to this.
  7. Dry Trousers: These keep me dry on my winter paddles, especially when I have to wade through shallow water before jumping on my board, love them, beats have slightly soggy wetsuit bottoms!
  8. Cag with latex seals – My new favourite jacket, it’s semi dry with latex seals at the wrists, keeps me lovely and warm!
  9. Waterproof Jacket – In the warmer months when I am just in leggings, i’ll usually pack a lightweight waterproof jacket in case it rains
  10. Neoprene Jacket – Great for when the sea temperature is still ‘warm’ but the air temperature is getting colder, I wear this a lot in early autumn
  11. Wetsuit Leggings – Great for Spring through to autumn keeping you warm in the evenings or early mornings
  12. Wooly Hat Essential for those winter paddles to keep my head warm!
  13. Thermals (top and bottom) – I’ll always have some spare base layers in my bucket to layer up with under my dry gear
  14. Dry Robe Essential for getting changed and/or winter swims!
  15. Water bottle – I always try and make sure I have fluids, whether that’s water in the summer or hot chocolate in the winter!
  16. Dry Bag – Really handy to take food in, spare change of clothes, wallet, keys, phone etc!
  17. Sub Scrub – To scrub down the sand and mud once I have finished my paddles to keep my board looking swanky!

What’s in your SUP Bucket?!

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