This was a new paddle for me and is was delightful! This is a paddle spot in South Devon and best for summer trips or days with not much wind as the headland I went to is fairly exposed.

Starting point
Start at Broadsands Beach – there’s a car park right next to the beach here so you can park here and you will see the beach (Map below).

Head west to Elberry Cove
Start paddling west when you get on the water, follow the coastline, in approximately 10-15 minutes you will get to Elberry Cove, it’s a shingle beach surrounded by woodland and fields, at the southern end of the cove are the ruins of the Elberry Bath House (pictured below).

Once you have finished taking selfies and some new pictures for your Facebook profile picture, keep paddling west along the coastline. Within about 5-10 minutes you will find a lovely little hidden cove which could be a perfect spot for a picnic or break (pictured below).

Keep paddling to Churston Cove and Fishermans Cove
Keep paddling along the coastline and approx 30-45 minutes later you will get to two stunning coves. The first one on your right is Churston Cove which is only accessible via walking or via boat. The beach is a mixture of sand and shingle,  dogs are allowed all year round. As you can see from the pics below, it has stunning scenery, with wooded hills sloping down to the small beach with it’s crystal clear water!

From Churston Cove you will see Fishermans cove (pictured below), a sheltered cove with clear waters and a shingle beach. The snorkelling here was fabulous too so pack your snorkel!

Once you have had a paddle or a swim it’s time to head back to Broadsands. Or, you can carry on west to Brixham harbour if ya fancy!

Check the wind conditions and weather before you head out as the headland towards Churston is exposed so I would not advice this paddle on a windy day!

The wind was blowing from the North East on my paddle so pushed me to the shore the majority of the way. If the wind is North Westerly to Southerly this could blow you out to sea at certain spots so be mindful of this.

Make sure you have a PFD and phone in case you get into trouble. Watch out for sharp rocks if you’re on an iSUP too!

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