It’s very important that you wear the right clothing if you decide to paddle during the colder months.

In summary, here is a list of items you might want to think about having for your winter paddles:

Wetsuit – Depending on where you are supping and the conditions will determine what you wear. For example, if I am on the sea and I am messing around, jumping in or sup surfing, I’ll usually wear my winter wetsuit. To note: If you have paddled in a wetsuit before, you will know it’s not overly comfy, can get a bit hot, or, can get a bit cold if you do fall in and are then paddling in a wet wetsuit! So, if you’re going on a proper SUP touring day, think about these other options which will be more comfortable:

Dry Suit: A dry suit will keep you dry! You can have some toasty layers underneath and if you did fall in, you would stay nice and warm. Palm have great reviews on their dry suits, and although I have never paddled in one the feedback on them is that they are fab!

Cag and dry trousers: This is a semi-dry option. This is what I have, the trousers and cag connect to each other and the cuffs and ankles have latex seals that stops any water coming in – great for wading through the waves. However, if I got fully submerged, water would leak in as the neck is not water tight so think about the activity you are doing and whether you would suit a full dry suit, or a cag and dry trousers.

Dry Suits are a big investment, in the winter I don’t get out as much as I would like and for the type of paddling I do, I decided a semi dry cag and dry trousers would be fine. However, your circumstances might be different and might be better suited to a 100% dry suit. If you’re unsure, ask the manufacturers or experts for their advice before buying.

I have the Yak Equipment Apollo Cag and the Yak Chinook Trousers, I also wear the Yak Equipment Xipe Buoyancy aid, which has handy pockets for my phone and keys!

On my feet I wear 5mm wetsuit boots and on my hands I wear waterproof gloves from Seal Skinz. It’s worth investing in decent booties and gloves as having cold hands and feet will not make your paddle enjoyable!

Links to some kit below:


Cag with latex inner wrist seals (what I have)

Dry trousers (what I have)

Dry trousers with dry socks



Wetsuit Boots


Summer wetsuit example

Winter wetsuit example

Sup Leggings



YAK buoyancy aid


Thermals from BAM clothing


Waterproof phone case

Dry bag

Bobble Hat

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