While it’s raining outside in the UK, I am reminiscing about my fabulous time in Portugal, it had some fantastic paddle boarding locations. One paddleboard that is one to remember was my sunrise paddle in Lagos. No matter what your age or fitness level, this tour is a must!

You will spend about 2/3 hours on the water, taking you on an outing along the picturesque coastline of Lagos and Algarve. You disappear into hidden caves and grottos just as the early morning sun saturates the breathtaking coastline. The dramatic cliffs, pinnacles, hidden beaches and grotto caves around Lagos are as scenic as it gets. The stunning colours after sunrise are so magical and there are no crowds. This is one of the most impressive paddles you can do in Portugal.

It’s best to go with a tour guide
Although you can venture out on your own, if you’re not familiar with the area and caves, it’s best to join an organised paddle, it’s safer for you and your board. Depending on the tide it can get very shallow and the rocks are VERY sharp so you don’t want to be puncturing that iSUP of yours! I was recommended to go with the guys at Nowhere2far and I would highly recommend them!

Where you start
I met Dave from Nowehere2far at one of the main beaches in Lagos at 6.30am (this could be slightly earlier in summer months), he will give you directions on where to meet or he can pick you up if you’re close by. He’ll have the boards all ready and pumped up for you, he will provide wetsuits if you need them and of course buoyancy aids. The group wont be more than 10 so you’re in safe hands. He will give a quick lesson and a safety briefing on the beach before heading out on the water.

Where you go
Once you’re on the water, you will have some time to familiarise yourself with the paddleboard and practice turning and stopping to prepare yourself for the small grottos. After about 15 minutes you will head to the west and paddle along the stunning Lagos coastline towards the grotto caves. Dave will guide you in and out of the grottos giving you some fantastic history and information on the area. About 30-45 minutes into the paddle, the sun will start to rise, and WOW, the colours are incredible. Dave takes his camera and is snapping away so that you can enjoy the sunrise and don’t need to worry about taking photos yourself! Once the sun has risen, you will explore more grottos and start to head back to Lagos.

The tour is roughly 3 hours from start to finish and costs 50 euros. It’s well worth the money, I cant wait to do it again! Have a browse through some of the fab pictures below.

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