The River Dart is breathtakingly beautiful. There’s so many cute villages along this river and plenty to see! Make this a day trip and have some transport to get back to the starting point (or a bus if you can pack your SUP down to get on a bus)! It’s about 9 miles long and if you get too tired, there’s villages on the way down where you can get out.

Starting point
Start at Totnes at high tide, get there 30 minutes before high tide so you are in the water as it starts turning. You can get in near Totnes Rowing Club, there’s a little slipway and there’s parking here too (Image below).

There’s lots of cute places on the way down that you can stop off at. One place which is just under mid way is Sharpham Vinyard Cafe. The vineyard has two landing areas from the river which are accessible until about two hours either side of high tide. It’s a great spot for some lunch and a drink. It does get very busy though so if you do want to stop, ring ahead and see if there is any space. Here’s their website: Sharpham Vinyard. Image below of the location.

Finish point
When you get to Dartmouth, you can get out at the ferry slipway. However make sure the ferry isn’t there and that you’re not obstructing other water users. Once you’re out, go and explore gorgeous Dartmouth! There’s lots of lovely places to eat and shop!

The River Dart is tidal so make sure you know what the tide is doing when you get in. Wear a buoyancy aid and have a SUP buddy to go with in case you get into difficulty. It’s a busy river so watch out for other vessels and respect other water users. Always stay to the right over the river.

As you get closer to Dartmouth the river will get busier so just be careful of your surroundings. If the wind is blowing Southerly, it will be against you on the way down and could make for some choppy water, check the wind & weather forecast on the day. I like to ring local watersports businesses if I am not too sure on the forecast who can give you a better indication of conditions.

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