Sidmouth To Branscombe on a paddleboard

Branscombe is located on the famous Jurassic Coast, it’s a picturesque village that leads down to a stunning National Trust pebble beach. There’s a lovely sea shanty on Branscombe Beach which serves delicious food and snacks – making it the perfect paddle destination (yes most of my paddle destinations seem to be based around food!)

Let’s get paddling
Start on Sidmouth Beach, you can launch pretty much anywhere on the main beach, there’s a couple of car parks next to the beach. Head east when you’re on the beach and follow the coastline. There’s a nudest beach on the way, wink wink, nudge nudge. This paddle will take about two hours if you’re paddling at a constant speed, a bit longer if you’re taking it easy. As with any paddle, if the wind is against you, it will make it harder, so go on a day when there’s no wind.

You can’t really get lost if you follow the coast line, Branscombe is defined by a steep valley and small fishing boats on the beach, you will see a large car park and of course the sea shanty at the top of the beach.

You can paddle back to Sidmouth once you have had some lunch at the Sea Shanty, or, if you don’t want a long day of paddling, get someone to park at the beach in Branscombe. Jurassic Paddle Sports are also offering guided tours from Sidmouth to Branscombe, so give them a call about it if you fancy a tour guide! Click here for their website.

Things to watch out for
Don’t go too close to cliffs on your SUP, this part of the coastline is notorious for it’s cliff falls so be very careful.

Look at the wind forecast before you go out, if it’s blowing a Northerly then there’s a risk of getting blown out to see if you’re not careful, so although it makes the sea lovely and flat, it’ super dangerous! Easterly winds can also create a bit of a chop in Sidmouth, I always check out the Jurassic Paddle Sports Facebook page in the morning if I want to paddle in Sidmouth as they give a sea forecast, and if you’re not sure, go down and ask them before you head out, they are super friendly!