This is a lovely quick paddle and a favourite to do in the evenings when I have finished work! It’s a really sociable paddle, lots of people enjoying the river!

Double Locks is a glorious pub on the river.  They have lots of indoor and outdoor space, they’re also dog friendly which is great for those with little pooches! Map below of the location!

Double Locks Location

Start at Exeter Quay, there’s plenty of parking nearby. Hop in next to AS watersports – there’s a little jetty to go off, just make sure you’re not in the way of any boats! AS watersports also rent paddle boards if you want to take someone with you.

It will take you about 30 – 45 minutes to get up to Double Locks from Exeter Quay.

They do a fabulous hot chocolate on a cold day or get a good old Devon cider on a warmer day! You don’t need to worry about anything on this paddle really, if the wind is blowing up the river it can be a bit tough in places, however, if it does get windy, just get on your knees and paddle as it will make it easier. 

Watch out for rowers and other water users, keep out of the way of boats, always stay on the right hand side of the river…. and most importantly, have fun!

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