A short paddle along the Jurassic Coast!

If you are ever near Sidmouth in Devon then this paddle is a must! Start at Sidmouth Beach and head west towards Ladram Rocks – you will be able to see them from Sidmouth beach. There’s a seal that has made this his home so if you’re lucky you might get a little hello! The colour of the rocks are stunning and on a clear day the rock pools are beautiful!

On a good day with no wind, you can get there in around 20-30 minutes so it’s a great short paddle!


Watch out for the wind direction. A strong wind can make for a hard paddle and you don’t want to get caught out, if you do ever find yourself against the wind and are struggling, get down on your knees and paddle, it will make it easier for you. If it’s a northerly wind, you can very quickly get blown out to sea, so be careful and always take a buoyancy aid!

Watch out for the cliff falls – don’t get too close to the edge of the cliff as there are regular cliff falls along this part of the coast.


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